Buscar Company has the rights to and operate the Treasure Canyon Lode Mine.  The Company created Eon Mining CA to be the operating company to develop, restore and enhance mining on the “Treasure Canyon Lode Mine”.  Treasure Canyon Lode Mine contains multiple heavy veins (5 minimum) containing gold, silver, PGMs, copper, and rare earth metals as shown in the Geologist Appraisal Report.  Here is a link to the summary of the report:  Summary.

Geophysical surveys have been undertaken to map the surface expression of the veins.  Trenches and test holes have been dug to explore the extent of the mineralization. The tunnel was dug on one of the gold bearing veins known on the claims.  The tunnel turned northward off of an existing tunnel based on a geochemical anomaly near the floor of the older tunnel.  The tunnel was advanced thirty-seven (37) feet towards the north and most of the material that was extracted was found to be mineralized and therefore was stockpiled on site.   

A major forest fire in 2006 burned all of the wood supports, sides, and roofing out of the tunnel resulting in the tunnel collapsing.  However, the tunnel can easily be cleaned out.  The Treasure Canyon Lode has been worked by Thomas Heathman for nearly 20 years.


Thomas W. Heathman:
President, Director, Mining Officer


* Master of Science Degree in Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, 1993

* Master of Applied Geography, Texas State University, Focus on Environmental and Resource Management , 1991

* Bachelor of Science Degree in Geological Sciences, University of Texas at Austin, 1978



Mr. Heathman has the education and experience in geology, in-ground asset valuation, cost analysis of industrial, environmental and mining processes to manage and support a variety of large-scale programs in the mining and extraction industries.  He started his career in the minerals exploration and extraction industry, moved into energy exploration and extraction, and has spent sixteen years in the environmental field.  Throughout his career, his technical expertise has focused on the cost and risk analyses of resources and industrial and extractive processes, which provides him with a solid background to evaluate the reserves and resources of the Treasure Canyon Lode Claims.


Mr. Heathman has been involved in the identification of valid mineral prospects, the staking of claims, sampling of surface exposures, and geophysical survey planning for Treasure Canyon Lode Claims for the last 12 years .  Mr. Heathman brings his broad experience in cost, risk, and mineral economic evaluation analyses to support various aspects of the company. .

David Bernard,
COO, Director

David Bernard began working with public companies in 2005 when he purchased Equities Magazine, at which time Equities was on the verge of bankruptcy with only 1700 subscribers.


As CEO, Mr. Bernard, grew the circulation to over 900,000 in just 5 years and had subscribers in 101 countries. During this time Mr. Bernard hosted and produced multiple investor conferences in California, New York, London, and Milan.  During his ownership, Mr. Bernard produced many conferences at the NASDAQ Marketsite and the London Stock Exchange.


In 2009, Mr. Bernard started building equities.com as CEO and Founder. He grew equities.com to over 500,000 daily users and it still flourishes today. David sold Equities Magazine for 120 times what he paid for it and also successfully sold equities.com in 2015.


Since 2015, Mr. Bernard has consulted with numerous small cap and start-up companies.