The Buscar Company was founded with the mission of acquiring and developing thoroughbred horses. The Buscar Company is in the lucrative business of breeding, selling and racing of stakes level thoroughbreds. The company’s ultimate strategic focus is the development of thoroughbreds that can compete in the Breeders Cup and The Triple Crown.


The Buscar Company offers investors inside access to the highest levels of Thoroughbred horse racing by creating and managing racing partnerships for a fraction of the time frame and investment cost normally necessary for an individual owner to compete at the premiere racetracks across the country.


The Buscar Company strives to combine hands-on horsemanship with a client service that keeps shareholders continuously updated with their horses’ progress. . The Buscar Company gives every individual an opportunity to be a Thoroughbred owner. Through a unique shareholder experience each individual will be able to be a part of history.


The Buscar Company Is DIFFERENT. We are the only publicly traded thoroughbred stables. As such, our shareholders are considered owners of all of our thoroughbreds, not just one or two. Additionally, the shareholders are not responsible for the monthly fees associated with the thoroughbreds, or any other costs related to the thoroughbreds. Shareholders can enjoy the excitement of not owning just one thoroughbred but all of The Buscar Companies Thoroughbreds.


The Vast majority of thoroughbreds are owned by partnerships. Under a partnership, each partner pays for their percentage of the horse and the associated fees and gets their percentage of any winnings. However, the stable managing the thoroughbred typically charges a monthly fee, plus 5% of any winnings and can mark up the price of any given thoroughbred by as much as $50,000. Each partner only owns the percentage of that specific thoroughbred, not of each thoroughbred in the stable.