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Treasure Canyon Lode

The Company owns and operates ten unpatented mining claims in Plumas National Forest, California, that contain gold, silver, platinum, copper, and other metals.  These claims are being developed and operated by our operating company, EON Mining CA, Inc.

The ten mining claims held by the Company cover 200 acres of mineral deposits centered on Lights Creek Mining District of Plumas County.  The lode claims encompass vein deposits of gold, silver, platinum group minerals, and other valuable minerals and placer deposits of gold, silver and platinum. 


The Company has held these claims since September 1999. 

We have worked for the last 19 years to explore and assess the extents of the mineral deposits on the claims.  Geophysical surveys have been undertaken to map the surface expression of the veins.  Trenches and test holes have been dug to explore the extent of the mineralization.  And a tunnel was dug into a mineralized area of one of the veins.

Photo of the location of the claims


Photo showing the 10 claims