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Video from August 21, 2020

Here is a link to a video of Thomas, Andrew and others doing the initial survey of the mine site and planning the set-up of the equipment. Also, it shows Thomas taking 2 cubic feet , a ton is 15 cubic feet, from what was previously stockpiled and running it through a gold cube to show gold being actually being captured. This video is the first installment from the mine site so we can share with you the progress that is made at Treasure Canyon.

The footage was taken August 21, 2020 at approximately 1:00 pm PDT.

Video from August 24, 2020

Video of Thomas and the crew beginning to work on clearing the debris from the Ada Tunnel.

Video from August 28, 2020

Thomas explaining progress made on clearing the debris from the Ada Tunnel

Video from September 4, 2020

Thomas providing an update of the communications set up and the area that the trailers and equipment will be set up at.

Video from October 1, 2020

Video of Thomas showing the rock ore that is currently being crushed and smelted for sampling prior to being sent to the refinery. We expect to process 1-2 tons per hour when the larger equipment arrives shortly. So far, we have processed over 300 pounds of rock ore and have an estimated 5 ounces of metals that will be sent to the refinery.  We will keep you updated once we get the settlement report from the refinery.